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Not automatically, but National Mini Storage have very competitive insurance cover for your stuff. Please contact us at your chosen National Mini Storage branch for more details.

If you choose not to get cover with National Mini Storage, insurance remains your own responsibility.

If you already have household contents insurance with another provider, please make sure your goods are covered by them while stored with National Mini Storage.

Yes, we have a large range of boxes and packaging materials that are available in all of our branches. For further details please visit the Box Shop on this web site.

Yes. We do advise you call us first to confirm that a storage unit is available. If we have a storage unit available you can move in straight away.

Please direct any queries to Ryan Coom at or 0800 786 764.

Most customers use a moving company, a truck or a car to move their goods into storage. We offer a free trailer service for moving your stuff during your stay with us (Subject to availability).

There is no limit to how long you can stay. When you have finished with your storage unit, we require 7 days’ notice before you move out and we will refund any unused rent that has been paid in advance.

We believe you should only pay for the space you actually need and we can help you decide which storage solution suits you best.

The cost of storage depends on the size of your unit, and will also vary between National Mini Storage branches. To receive a quote please call us on 0800 786 764 or complete our Get a quote form.

You may access your storage unit as often as you like during our opening hours (6am-9pm, 7 days per week), providing your account is up to date. There is no additional cost for accessing your units.

Payments are due monthly in advance for your storage unit. However, you can choose to prepay a number of months in advance and receive a discount. (ie, for 6 months prepayment you get a 5% discount and for 12 months prepayment you get a 10% discount)

As each sponsorship package includes both cash and the use of storage units, we will work closely with each recipient to determine the best location for their storage, based on requirements and availability. The cash component of the sponsorship package will be deposited via electronic funds transfer into the bank account provided by the recipient. We ask that a tax invoice is provided by the successful applicant in the amount of the cash grant.

You can store almost anything from household furniture to documents, sports equipment to cars, so long as you can fit it into your storage unit. We don’t allow some items to be stored for safety and hygiene reasons. These are perishable items such as food/vegetables or packaged food products (canned and bottled products are acceptable), chemicals, items that are flammable or could combust when heat is applied, illegal items, explosives or firearms.

When you decide that you no longer need the unit, then please provide us with at least 7 days’ notice. You will need to sign a form confirming you are terminating your storage agreement. We will refund you for any part of the month of unused rent.

If your rent is not paid in line with our terms and conditions we may have to sell the contents of your storage unit. We will do everything we can to prevent this and you should contact us immediately so that we can work on a solution with you.

When you first move in to your National Mini Storage unit you must pay for one month’s storage in advance as well as a $30 administration fee. The fee includes a padlock for your storage unit.

The minimum storage period is one month. You may use your storage unit for less than a month. However, you still have to pay for the full month.

Having supported Aucklanders with their storage needs for over 30 years, we know the importance and value of being connected to the community. With 12 branches across Auckland, we wanted to develop an initiative that not only gives back to the local community, but also gives back in a way that made sense to us as a business.

The five Creating Space sponsorship packages are our own unique way of giving back to our communities ensuring Auckland communities get the space they so greatly need. Recipients of the Creating Space sponsorship packages are then able to free up space so they can better serve their school, sports team, charity or organisation.

Security is very important to us. Each National Mini Storage branch has its own unique security features. These can include electric fences, controlled PIN pad access, security cameras, infra red sensors, individual unit alarms, daily lock checks and external alarm monitoring. Please inquire with us about the security features at your chosen National Mini Storage branch.

Our preferred payment methods are auto direct debit or credit card payments. Alternatively you can use our online payment portal (click here), use online banking or pop into the branch to pay with cash of eftpos.

Please click here to find your closest National Mini Storage location.

Applications are open to all Auckland based schools, sports teams, charities or organisations who are in need of extra space. Anyone with a connection to the school, sports team, charity or organisation can apply on their behalf.

2024 applications are open from 1st April to 31st May 2024.

Once the applications are received, the National Mini Storage management team will go through each application to decide who the five recipients will be.
Selection criteria include but are not limited to;
– Quality and completeness of the application
– Need for space and the impact the extra space will have on the school, sports team, charity or organisation
– Number of beneficiaries from the cash grant and extra space
All applicants will be advised as to whether or not their application was successful.

Applications close 31st May 2024.

You decide who you would like to give access to; just let us know and we are happy to set up a personalised access code per person. Your padlock comes with three keys and you can distribute these.

Only you have the key to your storage unit. The locking system on your storage unit’s door is secured by a padlock. You lock it, you keep the key.

If you would like an invoice each month we are more than happy to send this to you. Your invoice will be emailed to you approximately ten days prior to the due date of your account.