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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I store in my storage unit?

You can store almost anything from household furniture to documents, sports equipment to cars, so long as you can fit it into your storage unit. Some items we don’t allow to be stored for safety and hygiene reasons are perishable items such as food/vegetables or packaged food products (canned and bottled products are acceptable), chemicals, items that are flammable or could combust when the heat is applied, illegal items, explosives or firearms.

Where is my nearest National Mini Storage?

To locate your closest National Mini Storage facility, please click here to use to contact us, and one of our representatives will be in touch.

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation may vary from site to site so please check the specific location you are interested in for confirmed details of the hours of operation. To locate your nearest National Mini Storage facility please click here.

Our facilities close at the times listed. This means you must exit the facility by that time or you will be locked in. This is to ensure we maintain our high level of security for our customers and not have anyone onsite outside of our access hours. In the event you do get locked in, a charge will apply to be let out as security may be required to attend the site to check ID and allow you to exit the facility. Signs at the facility clearly display the access times, and some branches also have clocks around the facility to display the current time. Some of our multi level facilities also have annoucements over the speakers to alert you that the facility is closing.

National Mini Storage does not provide 24 hour access so that we can maintain our high level of security. We do not want someone wandering around our facility or outside your storage unit at 3am.

How much will storage cost?

The cost of storage depends on the size of the unit, and will also vary between National Mini Storage facilities. You will be surprised at how affordable our self storage units are. To receive a quote please call us on 0800 786 764, complete our Get a quote form or call into one of our branches.

What is included in the price?

The price quoted is inclusive of GST and is the monthly fee for a storage unit.

Do I need to book a storage unit?

Generally speaking you do not have to book a unit, however to ensure the storage unit you require is available when you need it, we do recommend you reserve your storage unit today by paying a $50.00 reservation fee. We will hold your storage unit for one week and when you move in we will apply this payment on your account. The $50.00 reservation fee can be made over the phone with your credit card (Visa & MasterCard Only) or by visiting your nearest National Mini Storage facility.

Can I move in today?

Yes. If we have a storage unit available you can move in straight away. We do advise you call us first to confirm that a storage unit is available.

What is the minimum period I have to stay?

The minimum period of storage rental is one month. You may use your storage unit for less than a month however you must pay for one full month.

How long can I stay?

There is no limit on how long you can stay. You can stay for one month, 6 months, a year, 2 years, however long you like, provided you continue to pay for at least one months storage rental in advance. Your storage agreement will extend automatically each month for a period of one month. When you have finished with your storage unit, we require 7 days notice of termination and we will refund any unused rent that has been paid in advance.

What initial costs are involved?

When you first move into your National Mini Storage unit you must pay for one months storage in advance as well as a $30 administration fee. This administration fee includes a padlock for your storage unit.

Do I have to sign an agreement when I move in?

Yes. When you move into a National Mini Storage unit you must sign our Storage Agreement. The storage agreement is a legally binding document that licenses the storer to occupy the unit. The storage agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which you are granted the license.

When do I have to pay?

On, or before, the day you move into your storage unit, you are required to pay for your first month’s storage. Each month thereafter, on the anniversary of your move in date, you are required to pay for another month’s storage in advance. Any unused rent paid in advance will be refunded upon termination of your storage agreement.

Can I pay weekly or monthly?

We only accept monthly payments in advance for your storage unit. Alternatively you can prepay a number of months in advance and receive a discount. Any unused rent paid in advance will be refunded upon termination of your storage agreement.

How do I pay for my storage unit?

Our preferred method of payment is via Direct Debit or Credit Card Direct Debit, however for your convenience we can also accept other common methods of payment including Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard Only), EFTPOS, bank deposit / direct deposit, and cash. You can also pay your storage fees via web payment using your credit card directly from our website.

For long term storage or to ensure you never miss a payment and attract late fees we recommend either setting up a Direct Debit or providing us with your credit card details to charge every month. Please inquire with our branch managers if you’re interested in these options.

What if I do not pay?

As per the storage licence agreement you sign all storage fees are due 1 month in advance. If you do not pay your storage fees you will be charged penalty late fees and we will over-lock your storage unit and access to your storage unit will be denied until you are up completely up to date on your payments. If you continue to not make payment, we will (under the terms of the storage agreement you sign) sell your goods by public auction or dispose of items not considered saleable to recover the monies owing. Any monies still outstanding after this process will be passed to a credit control company.

How often and when can I access my unit?

You may enter your storage unit as often as you like during the hours of operation of our storage facilities providing your account is up to date.

Does it cost me anything to access my unit?

No. There is no cost involved with accessing your storage unit.

Can I buy boxes & packaging materials from National Mini Storage?

Yes, we have a large range of boxes and packaging materials that are available in all of our facilities. For further details please visit the box shop on this web site.

How do I move my goods into storage?

Most customers use a removalist, a truck or a car to move their goods into storage. As we are not a removalist company we are not involved with moving your goods into storage. However we can provide you with a list of removalists that we can recommend. Ask about our free trailer service.

Who keeps the key?

Only you have the key to your storage unit. The locking system on your storage unit’s door is secured by a padlock. You lock it, you keep the key.

What kind of security do you have?

Security is very important to us. Each National Mini Storage facility has its own unique security features. These can include electric fences, security cameras, security patrols, and monitored gate entry. Please inquire with our branch managers about the security features at your chosen National Mini Storage facility.

Are my goods insured when stored with you?

Not automatically. Your goods are not insured by National Mini Storage, insurance remains your own responsibility. If you have household contents insurance please check your insurance company as your goods should still be covered while stored with National Mini Storage. If not we recommend you obtain insurance cover.

National Mini Storage have very competitive cover in the market. Please contact the branch managers at your nearest National Mini Storage facility for more details.

Will you send me an invoice?

If you would like an invoice each month we can send you one. As your storage agreement is an ongoing tax invoice we do not normally send out invoices. However, if you would like to be sent an invoice each month then just ask us. We will send you an invoice approximately ten days prior to when your account is due. For efficiency and convenience we can e-mail your invoice directly to you.

What do I do when I am finished with my storage unit?

When you decide that you no longer need the unit, then please provide us with at least 7 days notice. You will need to sign a form confirming you are terminating your storage agreement. If we owe you a refund for any part month of unused rent you will need to provide us with your bank account details so we can refund you directly to your bank account. (Cash refunds or refund cheques will not be written)