Keep things covered

Just like you’d insure your possessions in your home, it’s a good idea to ensure that your items in storage are also protected.

It’s important to note that items in our storage facilities are not automatically insured, and it’s your responsibility to arrange suitable cover.

You may choose to arrange this cover with your own provider, or we can assist by providing you with insurance at competitive rates. This insurance can be purchased when you move your items into your storage unit.

Store with confidence

Our storage facilities have been approved by the leading insurance companies and meet the required security standards.

How much does it cost to insure my goods at National Mini Storage?

  • $2 per month per $1,000 goods value see examples following:-
  • E.g. $10 per month for $5,000
  • E.g. $20 per month for $10,000
  • Your monthly insurance premium is simply added with your storage rent and paid monthly in advance

What is the maximum I can claim?

  • The maximum you can claim is the amount you have insured your goods for, e.g. if you have insured your goods for $10,000 then that is the maximum you can claim. You will need to be able to provide proof/evidence of what is/was stored and the value.
  • However, $100,000 per unit is the maximum per customer that can be insured.

What am I insured for if I purchase an insurance policy through National Mini Storage?

Fire, earthquake, lightning, explosion, impact of land borne or waterborne vehicles or impact of aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped by them. Windstorm, hail, snow, ice or frost. Flood or water inundation or sea wave action, malicious damage or vandalism.(Note: If you have not purchased insurance your goods are not covered by insurance)

Am I covered for theft if I purchase an insurance policy through National Mini Storage?

No. Theft can occur when you share your key and access code with someone else and they access your unit and take some of your stored goods. Or you leave your unit unlocked and an unknown person accesses your unit and removes items.

Am I covered for burglary if I purchase an insurance policy through National Mini Storage?

Yes. Burglary is when there is damage to your unit to gain access.

Do I have to pay an excess if I make a claim?

Yes, the following excess shall be applied to a claim: Earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption or hydrothermal activity = 2.5% of Sum insured, minimum $2500. Burglary/Malicious Damage = $1000. All other losses = $500

If there is a fire at National Mini Storage are my goods covered?

No. If you do not have insurance then your goods are not covered. However if you have purchased insurance from National Mini Storage or from your own provider then they should be covered, you will need to confirm this with your provider.

When I take my goods out to my new place will they be insured?

No. Your goods are only insured while they are in storage at National Mini Storage

Am I covered for breakages? E.g. I was moving the mirror in my unit to get to the back of the unit and it slipped from my hands, can I claim insurance for the mirror breaking?


I have cover with my own insurance company can I insure with you too?

No. Goods cannot be insured twice, because you cannot claim twice.

In the event you need to claim insurance what do you need to do?

In the first instance you need to contact your insurance provider. You will probably need to provide proof or evidence of what you had stored if making a claim so this is worth considering when you take out insurance.