Paying it forward – how Rosehill College spent the grant

24 November 2023

Our Creating Space sponsorship initiative has certainly made a difference to this year’s
winners. At Rosehill College, their old and jaded weights room has had an amazing facelift
thanks to the National Mini Storage prize money.

The college Director of Sport, Saua Leaupepetele, kindly shared with us how the new set-up
has encouraged students to work on their physical fitness and overall well-being.

Mr Leaupepetele continues, “We are absolutely thrilled to extend our heartfelt gratitude to
National Mini Storage for your remarkable donation of $10,000 towards the upgrade of our
new weights room. Your support has made a significant impact on our school and, most
importantly, on the students who benefit from it. The transformation of our weights room
has been nothing short of amazing. Your generous contribution has allowed us to enhance
the space, making it more functional and inviting.”

We are thrilled to learn that our initiative of ‘paying it forward’ to our community makes a
real impact on the lives and businesses of others.

Thank you, Saua, for the update and the before-and-after photos.

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